Friday, June 24, 2011

TNT Launches Falling Skies App for Windows Phones

TNT's marketing department is at it again, this time with an official Falling Skies Windows Phone app (note you must have the Zune software for that link to work, if not, you can just search for Falling Skies in the marketplace to find it). The app is 100% free and features character bios, photos, episode guides, behind-the-scenes videos, Twitter integration, and a mobile version of the web comic.

I actually own a Windows Phone 7 device (an HTC HD7) so I downloaded the app this morning and gave it a whirl. The best thing about this app is how well it implements Microsoft's "Metro" design into the app. This means that the app functions very similarly to the rest of the phone's apps and utilitizes visually pleasing and very functional design elements such as the panorama view. The various menus and features are very quick to load on my phone and everything seems to work great.

My biggest problem with the app is that there's really no "news" type information in it. Basically, once you've looked through the bios, photos, and comic, the app really has not much else to offer. It looks like they will be posting new photos and episode guides frequently, but you don't get any news about the show on the device so there's not much incentive to come back to it after you've poked around once.

Other than news, the other feature this app could have that would really make it great is to add the Falling Skies Last Defense game. Sure, I wasn't all that into the game and it would probably take a lot of work to port it to the Windows Phone, but that's the sort of thing that would make people keep coming back for more.

TNT may have more tricks up its sleeve for this app so I'll be sure to let you know if anything new pops up.