Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Poll: Favorite Falling Skies Character

I've been running a poll for the last few weeks asking whether not Falling Skies exceeded, met, or fell short of your expectations. With over a hundred votes tallied so far, I figured it's worth archiving the poll and putting up a new one.

Before we get to the new one, I'd like to discuss the results of the last one. With 53% of the voters saying the show exceeded expectations and 31% saying the show met expectations, I'd say the first season definitely delivered on the hype that lead up to the show. I, personally, voted that the show met expectations. Why didn't it exceed them? Well, mostly because I came into the show with incredibly high hopes and it'd be nearly impossible for the show to actually do better than what I was anticipating. I figured there would be no way the show could actually live up to my expectations, but it did just that. If you haven't voted or still want to vote in the poll, you can still vote via the poll archives. I'll leave voting open for the poll during the break.

So with that poll in the archives, I've put up a new one. This new poll asks who your favorite character was during season 1. Will you choose a major character like Tom or Weaver? Or will you go for a character that had significantly less screen time like Dai? To vote, simply head over to the sidebar, select the character, and click "vote". Feel free to discuss your selection in the comments below - maybe you'll be able to convince some people to change their vote to your favorite.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Poll: How is Falling Skies Doing so Far?

With four hours of Falling Skies under our belt, it's about time to find out what we all think so far. Hype was pretty big leading up to the show, which means many may feel let down while others have been surprised by how the show has surpassed their expectations.

So where do you stand? Vote in the poll on the right sidebar and post in the comments below to let us know how the first few episodes have either pulled you in or pushed you away.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Poll: Should Civilians Be Able to Sleep in Houses?

Things are obviously rough during an alien invasion and shelter is a rare convenience. With not enough houses to go around, Weaver decides that they should go to his fighters while the civilians sleep in tents. Doctor Anne Glass doesn't think this is fair and says they should rotate everybody through the houses so that everyone can get a chance for good night's sleep.

Weaver wants to make sure the fighters are rested as much as possible since they are the ones putting their lives on the line for everybody and also believes having the civilians in tents will make it easier for them to pack up and retreat on a short notice. Dr. Glass thinks everybody should get even time in the houses and that there is a building friction between the civilians and fighters that will only get worse with the preferential treatment.

So, who is right? Vote in the poll on the right and let us all know what your reasoning is in the comments below. I will do a followup post in a week or two to discuss the results and give my own opinion. I will say that it's not an easy choice since I can definitely see where both are coming from and worry about the consequences either way.