Thursday, August 11, 2011

Falling Skies Director Discusses Season Finale

Weaver and His Gun
Director Greg Beeman has a blog post up that reveals some behind-the-scenes info relating to the Falling Skies season finale. The post contains spoilers so it's highly recommended that you watch the finale before reading the post.

Like previous posts by Beeman, this latest one sheds some light onto some of the various difficulties they go through in creating the show. For instance, the first hour of the finale, "Mutiny", was created as something called a "Bottle Show" which basically means it was on a more restricted budget to try and save up money for other episodes. Everything was going well with the episode until the final shot where Weaver rolls out with a squad to attack the aliens. For that scene the episode director, Holly Dale, really wanted to capture a specific look with the backdrop of the sun.

Unfortunately, some technical issues arose that caused them to miss the perfect moment. With it being a "Bottle Show", this normally would mean they'd just have to make do with a lesser shot, but Beeman fought for the scene and Holly was able to come back the next day and film it properly. They were able to make up money elsewhere in the end, but apparently it was a pretty close call.

Little stories like that really illustrate how much work goes into making just a single episode. As viewers, perhaps we sometimes take the end product we see on the screen for granted.

There's even more behind-the-scenes goodies on the full blog post so head on over and check it out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Director Discusses Sanctuary Part 2

Falling Skies Kids
Falling Skies director Greg Beeman gives us some behind-the-scenes commentary on what he says is what of his favorite episodes. If you haven't watched Sunday's episode yet, you should probably avoid the blog post since Beeman definitely includes some spoilers.

It's pretty interesting to learn about some of what it takes to produce a single episode of a show like Falling Skies. For instance, you probably don't think about how hard it might be to find a good location for the sanctuary, but Beeman reveals how they had to find a place that was both rural but also within 50 miles of downtown Toronto to avoid extra travel costs that are part of the local trade union contracts. Beeman actually reveals that the location they settled on wasn't didn't really sit well with him in the beginning, but after a production designer was able to dress the location up, everything fell into place.

Even if you're not normally interested in television production, I really do recommend checking out the full post as it does give some perspective on how things are produced and why some decisions are made.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Falling Skies Director Talks About Prisoner of War

Greg Beeman, director of 'Prisoner of War', has posted some behind the scenes details about what it took to make the episode. He focuses on the rooftop scene, the tunnel fight, de-harnessing Ricky, and the final moments of the episode.

For those that are interested in what it takes to create a television show should find a lot of good info in the fairly lengthy blog post. Even if you aren't into that sort of thing, it's still pretty interesting to learn about how they handled various issues that arose during filming as well as getting perspective on some of the decisions they chose.

Sadly, I didn't see anything in there about why they had Ricky's dad be such a complete moron, though that was probably more the writing than the directing. (yes, I'm still annoyed by that scene).