Monday, August 20, 2012

Season 2 Episode 9: A More Perfect Union

Military Rule
The season finale kicks off right where the last episode ended - with the 2nd Mass right in the middle of a military takeover of Charleston.  It's not long before they realize general Bressler is a much worse proposition than Manchester was.  Luckily, the rebel skitters show up to mix things up, as they bring information about an extra special Overlord that is in the process of building some sort of super weapon.  Sadly, instead of using this new information to build an alliance with the rebel skitters, he take the opportunity to betray them and massacre as many of them as he can in secret.

With Ben's encouragement, the 2nd Mass decides to go against Bressler's wishes and takes a small force to attack the Overlord and his weapon.  It was quite nice to see Weaver stand up to Bressler, which obviously goes against everything he has ever known since he was disobeying a direct order from a superior officer.  Unfortunately, their mission quickly turns on it's head as they are ambushed by Karen and the Overlord.  After some torture, the rebel skitters show up just in time to save the day.  Sadly, Dai and the red-eyed rebel leader are both killed during the scuffle.  The Overlord was beaten to death by Tom but Karen was able to escape.

A Heroes Welcome
The 2nd Mass returns home to Charleston to yet another heroes welcome.  Manchester offers Tom the job of majority leader, but Tom reveals that the 2nd Mass will likely be leaving to keep up the fight.  Meanwhile, Hal wakes up from his coma with one of those weird eyeball bug things and seems to have a mischievious look on his face.  It's not long until a huge commotion causes everybody to rush outside where they discover many vessels falling to the ground all over the area.  The season ends with a new alien coming out of the ship/transport/thing.

Great End to a Great Season
The finale was a great way to end the season.  Sure, it's easy to focus on the very end with the big cliffhanger, but the rest of the episode should not be so easily overlooked.  Not only did we get a great confrontation between the 2nd Mass and Karen and the Overlord, but we get some pretty huge changes with our main characters as well.  Sure, while Dai wasn't that big of a character, his death was pretty significant since he was indead a recurring character.  The red-eyed rebel leader being killed was obviously incredibly huge since this whole season seemed to revolve around him.  With the leader dead, what becomes of the rebels?  Ben seems to no longer have plans to be with them as he mentions staying with the 2nd Mass now.  Of course, the episode wasn't all good surprises as Dr. Glass reveals that she's pregnant.  Seriously?  Does every show have to work in an unsuspected pregnancy?

Friend or Foe?
The promo at the end of the episode asks whether the new aliens are allies or foes.  I'll quickly give me own thoughts on that as it's obviously the question left on everybody's minds.  My guess is the new aliens are friendly.  The main reason is that we learn in the episode that the big bad weapon that the Overlord was building was not meant for humans.  I think it's safe to say that it must have been meant for these new aliens.  If that's the case, then there's really just two explanations.  First, that while the current aliens are bad, these new aliens are even worse.  So we'd basically have Overlords that are a bad enemy but these new aliens that are a worse enemy?  I don't think so.  Unless they then have the Overlords come to the humans basically asking for help against this much worse new threat, I don't see the value in adding yet another enemy.

The second, and more logical explanation in my opinion, is that these new aliens are friendly aliens that have been at war with the Overlords.  Maybe the new aliens are like the rebel skitters and find humans to be a great ally to work with against the Overlord oppression?  Maybe it's just me, but when the new alien took off his mask he seemed to reveal a kind looking face inside.  Sure, looks can be deceiving, and there's always got to be a twist, but I'd put my money on them being friendly.