Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cast Will Be Live Tweeting During Falling Skies Finale

If you plan on watching the 2-hour Falling Skies finale live this Sunday and are afraid of having to sit through the commercials, perhaps this bit of news about the cast live tweeting during the finale will cheer you up. That's right, executive production Mark Verheiden (@MarkVerheiden), Maggie played by Sarah Sanguin Carter (@sanguin_carter), Hal Mason played by Drew Roy (@drew_roy), John Pope played by Colin Cunningham (@CunninghamColin), and Tom Mason played by Noah Wyle (temporarily using @FallingSkiesTNT) will all be tweeting during the finale.

You can start sending in your questions now to @FallingSkiesTNT. This is definitely an interesting concept, but I'm not entirely sure how well it's going to work since most people will be watching the finale, not reading Tweets. But, as I said above, perhaps it'll be something to do during the commercials for those not using a DVR.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Colin Cunningham Discusses Falling Skies

The Chicago Tribune as posted an interview with Colin Cunningham who plays Falling Skies bad guy John Pope. Cunningham, whose resume includes a wide variety of shows, from Psych and Flashpoint to Smallville and Stargate SG-1, says that he "had a blast playing [John Pope]" and that he didn't even kno Steven Spielberg was one of the producers when he auditioned for Falling Skies.

John Pope
Cunningham goes into detail about how it is working with Noah Wyle and Will Patton, what it's like playing the bad guy, and how he got into acting. He talks a little bit about where his character might be headed in the show and that while John Pope is bad at his core, he does have some good sides to him which may shine through in future episodes.

So if you're a fan of Cunningham or want to know a little more about what it must be like on the set of Falling Skies, be sure to head on over and read the full interview.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daemon's TV Interviews Colin Cunningham

Daemon TV has just posted an interview with Colin Cunningham who plays bad boy John Pope in Falling Skies. In the interview Cunningham talks about his experiences working on the show, how it's like to play John Pope, and how different Falling Skies is from other alien invasion movies and shows (mainly that Falling Skies isn't about the invasion, but what takes place after an invasion).

The interview seems to be spoiler free so be sure to check it out if you want to learn a little more about how Cunningham's character fits in with the Falling Skies universe.