Monday, August 13, 2012

Season 2 Episode 8: The Price of Greatness

A Heroes Welcome
So the 2nd Mass finally makes it to the end of the rainbow, aka Charleston.  At first, it seems to meet quite a few of their expectations, with hot food, running water, and soft beds.  They even get a round of applause from the citizens.  I thought the introduction to the city was very good as it presented the 2nd Mass with excitement but also a little uneasiness to being in such a different environment.  And of course, it's not long though before things reveal themselves to be too good to be true.

Familiar Faces
Charleston not only has food and shelter to for the 2nd Mass, but also a couple familiar faces.  Weaver's daughter is there, minus her boyfriend Diego.  We didn't get too much time with Weaver's daughter previously, so I don't have strong feelings either way with her.  I do think things may get a little too crowded with young people if she hangs around for too long.  

Old Friends Become New Enemies
Meanwhile, Tom Mason finds Manchester, an old professor of his, running the whole city.  While Manchester and Tom both share a love of history, they each have opposing views about how to write a new one.  I loved the Manchester's motivation.  Sure, he had the typical thirst for power, but I think it was more about his desire to be an instrumental part of creating a new government.  He's spent most of his life talking about the founding fathers and now he has a chance to be one himself.  Obviously, punishing anybody that disagrees with him and having the city basically just hide forever is quite a bit different from the actions of the original founding fathers.

Rebel Ambassador
Everything basically comes to a head when a deharnessed boy arrives with news of the rebel army.  Manchester fears what that might mean for his city and potentially his power so he overreacts and locks down Tom.  Bressler, the city's general, takes the opportunity to put the city under marshal law and lock up Manchester.  Tom and the 2nd Mass get what they want, the opportunity to go meet with the rebel aliens, but have left the city with a potentially worse situation than they found it.  I do think it's worth pointing out that the deharnessed boy was not Ben.  There has to be a reason for that.  Either the boy is a spy for the overlords or Ben has either been caught or in trouble somehow. 


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