Monday, July 30, 2012

Season 2 Episode 6: Molon Lab

Well Laid Plans
As was pretty evident from last week's episode, Karen's arrival was part of a plan for the "bad" aliens to uncover information about the rebel skitters.  I was hoping Ben was actually well aware of her deceipt and was merely leading her into a trap of his own, but sadly, he was instead lead into an ambush by an overlord.

Karen and the Captive Overlord
It was fun to watch just how important the overlord was to Karen and the aliens.  It was reminiscent of the harnessed children on the almost motherly skitters.  Karen kept repeating that she wasn't actually under the control of the aliens, but rather, that she was acting on her own free will with gained knowledge and understanding.  This seems to at least be somewhat true since she didn't appear to be under direct control.  If that's the case, then I wonder what exactly caused her to change so drastically?  Is there some special procedure some harnessed children go through? Or is it merely prolonged harnessing that can permanently alter somebody's personality?  As for the overlord him/herself, the one thing that stuck out was the mention of their "task" that needs to be completed before they leave.  Hopefully more light will be shedded on this in the future.

Lourdes Survives... Unfortunately
Just when I thought I couldn't hate Lourdes any more than I already did, she goes ahead and provides a cringeworthy character change following Jameel's death.  Lourdes has been so upbeat and religious this entire time, even after her entire family dies, and all the other horrible things that have happened.  Yet, the second her (likely first) love dies, she decides to become a whiney little brat.  I didn't think I would miss her preachy holier-than-thou attitude, but boy do I now that she has become what she's become.  Hopefully she will be placed back into the background so that we can just go along pretending she doesn't exist.  I would like to mention how cool it was seeing yet another type of alien.  Those little spider-like creatures were pretty terrifying.  They almost looked like mini-skitters so I wonder if we'll discover some sort of link in the future.

Karen and the Overlord Alive and Well?
So the episode ends with the overlord bleeding out in a building filled with explosives.  I guess we just assume he and Karen survive the ordeal?  If so, that poses a pretty big problem.  Charleston.  Even if the overlord wasn't able to peek into Ben's mind, Karen should have already overheard the plans from a couple episodes back.  If you recall, she mentioned to Ben how she could overhear distant conversations and even quoted a conversation that did mention Charleston.  She didn't mention hearing about Charleston herself, but she basically quoted the bookends of that same conversation, so it'd be a pretty big plot-hole if the writers want us to believe she doesn't know about it.  If I were Tom or Weaver I'd have blown Karen and the Overlord to pieces just to be sure, especially when they can't know what the Overlord gleemed from Ben.


  1. Robert Wade Said:

    So, you hate Christians, huh? Wow, what a bigot.

  2. Jeremy Said:

    Why do you think I hate Christians? Just because I don't like Lourdes doesn't mean I hate Christians. You clearly have some issues.

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