Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Season 2 Episode 5: Homecoming

Weaver's Bite Spreads
I don't think any viewers were too surprised to see Weaver's harness bite take a turn for the worse, though I must admit I did think they'd draw out the symptoms for a bit longer.  With Weaver being out of commission at the start of the episode, we got to see how well Tom would do in charge.  It doesn't take long for him to drop the ball a bit with a lover's spat with Dr. Glass over whether or not they should move out right away or give her time to try and treat Weaver.  She wins the argument in the end which does wind up being the right one as she does save Weaver.

Homecoming #1: Karen
The first homecoming of the episode is suspicious one from the start as Hal and Maggie find a deharnessed Karen next to a bunch of dead deharnessed kids in a mass grave.  Everybody is suspicious of her except for Hal, who instantly takes Karen's side over Ben's.  A little one on one time between Ben and Karen causes their spikes to glow which somehow causes Ben to instantly change his mind and decide to not only trust Karen, but to break her out.  He and Karen run off at the end, probably toward the renegade skitters, which we soon find out is likely what Karen wanted the whole time.

Homecoming #2: Pope
Pope finally makes his return to the 2nd Mass but brings with him some dire news.  Not only is there a group of aliens about to his the hospital where the 2nd Mass is holding out, but they are also especially interested in finding Ben due to his ties with the renegade skitters.  This revelation confirms two things.  First, that Ben was right in trusting the red-eyed skitter about a skitter revolt.  Second, that Karen was still working with the aliens and that her main objective was to get close to Ben so that she could discover the wherebouts of the renegade aliens.  Pope isn't in the episode long, but he does make a huge entrance.  It will be interesting to see how he is welcomed back into the 2nd Mass.

Charleston or Ben?
The 2nd Mass has a pretty big decision ahead of them, and it's one they will have to make soon with the aliens about to attack the hospital.  They either head off toward Charleston right away or they go after Ben and potentially meet up with the renegades.  Just about the entire 2nd Mass will opt for Charleston as we already saw how they reacted to the red-eyed skitter.  However, we know that they are low on food and fuel, so perhaps Charleston isn't even a valid option.  My guess is that Hal and Tom, and Maggie if she heals up, will take off toward Ben while the rest of the 2nd Mass takes off toward Charleston.  If Weaver is still injured though, who would lead?  Could Pope be put in charge?  Obviously I'm making a lot of guesses there, but I wouldn't be too surprised to see them come true. 


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