Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Season 2 Episode 4 Ratings: Holding Steady

It looks as though the ratings slide for Falling Skies may be over as episode 4's ratings hold steady with a 1.2 adult 18-49 rating.  Total viewership was actually up a bit to 3.6 million from last weeks 3.4 million.

It will be interesting to see if the 1.2 adult rating (the one that advertisers care about most) is where this season settles.  The last few weeks had Falling Skies up against heavy hitters such as the NBA Finals, Olypmic Trials and the BET awards show.  This week didn't really pose any similar threats, so I would have actually liked to see the ratings bump up a bit. 

For a full list of the cable ratings for Sunday, click here.


  1. Bobby Said:

    This season was getting good until the skitter with the red eye showed up; they killed everyone and now ask for an alliance??. I want to see Pope's return as that he has solved the food crisis, skitters taste like lobster! I will keep watching for a good sci-fi fix. The show has good writers.

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