Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Director Discusses Sanctuary Part 2

Falling Skies Kids
Falling Skies director Greg Beeman gives us some behind-the-scenes commentary on what he says is what of his favorite episodes. If you haven't watched Sunday's episode yet, you should probably avoid the blog post since Beeman definitely includes some spoilers.

It's pretty interesting to learn about some of what it takes to produce a single episode of a show like Falling Skies. For instance, you probably don't think about how hard it might be to find a good location for the sanctuary, but Beeman reveals how they had to find a place that was both rural but also within 50 miles of downtown Toronto to avoid extra travel costs that are part of the local trade union contracts. Beeman actually reveals that the location they settled on wasn't didn't really sit well with him in the beginning, but after a production designer was able to dress the location up, everything fell into place.

Even if you're not normally interested in television production, I really do recommend checking out the full post as it does give some perspective on how things are produced and why some decisions are made.


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