Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Falling Skies Director Talks About Prisoner of War

Greg Beeman, director of 'Prisoner of War', has posted some behind the scenes details about what it took to make the episode. He focuses on the rooftop scene, the tunnel fight, de-harnessing Ricky, and the final moments of the episode.

For those that are interested in what it takes to create a television show should find a lot of good info in the fairly lengthy blog post. Even if you aren't into that sort of thing, it's still pretty interesting to learn about how they handled various issues that arose during filming as well as getting perspective on some of the decisions they chose.

Sadly, I didn't see anything in there about why they had Ricky's dad be such a complete moron, though that was probably more the writing than the directing. (yes, I'm still annoyed by that scene).


  1. Ashley Jensen Said:

    ive been thinking...why doesnt it ever rain in any episode? i think there should be a little twist to the show as in the "mechs" are vulnerable water. That a couple of mechs and skidders are about to attack the 2nd Mass when it starts to rain and they take off giving the 2nd mass a little advantage! (these are just an idea i had)

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