Friday, June 24, 2011

Critiques Critiqued: Maggie

In this second post of my Critiques Critiqued series I look at some of the criticism the Maggie character has gotten. She was introduced fairly late into the season premiere and even though her screen time was limited, she's already gotten quite a bit of complaints.

Hot Girls Can Kick Butt

Some of the complaints about Maggie are your typical whines about how a girl that hot wouldn't be that badass. I have two words for you Gina Carano. If you don't watch MMA, you may have seen her on the reboot of American Gladiators where she played "Crush". Not only is she gorgeous, she can kick some serious butt. Obviously she's the exception to the rule, but television and movie plots are generally portraying exceptions more than they are portraying the rule.

Sure, the writers are trying to real in people with pretty faces, but just because Maggie looks good doesn't mean she can't take care of herself either.

If She Is So Badass, Why Not Escape Sooner?

Maggie had an incredibly rough start to the whole alien invasion thing. As such, many question why she didn't escape sooner if she could so easily do it during the season premiere.

First off, when she first got taken by the gang, she probably had no gun or weapons and was treated as a prisoner for the most part. Maybe over time they let her actually be more a part of the gang and not just a prisoner and she likely had to play the part to convince them she could be trusted, but she likely wasn't ever given free reign were she could just run off.

Second, she when she escaped, she was only with two of the gang members and one of them was wounded. On top of that, both of them were preoccupied by the prisoners. She didn't have to try and take out the whole gang, just two preoccupied and partially incapacitated thugs, both of which were ones that raped her. This gave her opportunity and let her singled out two of the guys that wronged her.

Third, if she had escaped sooner, she would have been all alone, with no food and no protection. The gang provided her both. We also don't know how long the abuse lasted, maybe the two guys she killed found her and raped her and when they brought her back to the gang John Pope put and end to it and protected her. He seems like the kind of guy that doesn't think too fondly of rape, so maybe she was able to just "fit in" until she found another group - such as the 2nd Massachusetts - that could help provide her the food and protection the gang did.

Time Will Tell

We still don't know much about her. It's only been one episode and she clearly has some issues she's going to have to work through. As I mentioned in my episode review, Maggie was a highlight for me because she was a bit of a surprise and looks to be a complex character that will only get better the more we see her in action.


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