Monday, May 16, 2011

The Event and V Both Canceled - Good For Falling Skies, Bad for Me

So a week after I post about my thoughts regarding there being quite a few different alien invasion shows, ABC has gone ahead and announced that V won't be coming back for another season while NBC cancels The Event.  Even though I made the case that Falling Skies was a much different kind of alien invasion show than we have on television right now, I do think these two cancellations should help Falling Skies in a couple ways.

First, you don't want too many shows grasping at the same demographics at the same time.  People can only put aside so much time for television.  It's not clear exactly how the schedules of the shows would have lined up, but there would likely have been at least some competition in there.

Second, you now have a lot of people who were fans of V and The Event that are looking for something to scratch the same itch.  Falling Skies should could definitely be that show.  While I wasn't a huge fan of either, I did watch and enjoy both shows every week and now that they're gone I'm even more thankful that Falling Skies is on the horizon.  Throw in other recently cancelled science fiction shows like Stargate Universe and Smallville and you've got a lot of science fiction fans looking for something new to get behind.

Of course, there is a downside here.  Besides the fact that I actually enjoyed both of these shows that were canceled, the reality is that both shows didn't last very long on TV and that may mean there isn't much of a market for an alien invasion television show.  As I've said before, Falling Skies looks to bring something new to TV, so I don't think it should worry.  And just because two shows are somewhat similar in the overall theme, doesn't mean they aren't completely different pieces of entertainment.

Post has been corrected to show that NBC is the network that cancelled The Event and not The CW.  Thanks to Clydefamous for pointing out the error.


  1. Brady Said:

    Falling skies dropped 25% in ratings in THE 2ND WEEK. Its on its way to cancellation. But we wont know for certain, till week 3, episode 4. - V has 2 seasons (22 episodes) THE EVENT had 1 season (22 episodes). Thats a long run. V averaged a 1.9 in its second season. Which is really good for cable. - I think TNT should DUMP V and put there money towards something with a fanbase, and ratings that already exist. If they can afford it? Why not. They know what they are getting themselves into UNLIKE falling skies, which i seen the premiere and episode 3 and didn't like it. I will not be tuning in for episode 4.

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