Monday, May 9, 2011

Falling Skies Survivor Blog

Last week I mentioned the Falling Skies web comic as one of the various marketing effors TNT is putting online to try and drum up anticipation for their new show.  Today I'd like to point you to the 2nd Mass survivor blog, a blog that's done from the point of view of a Jason, a survivor of the alien invasion.

It's a pretty cool companion to the other material we've gotten from TNT as it tries to help put the reader into the mindset of what the survivors must be going through.  You get some insight into initial reactions to the invasion as well as what it must be like to try and adapt to a world that's been completely flipped on it's head.

As with the web comic, there may be a few spoilers in the blog, though because we haven't seen the first few episodes yet, I'm not sure how much the blog and comic would be giving away.  The blog follows the 2nd Mass which is the same group that our main characters in the show are a part of, though it's mostly from a person named "Jason" and I don't know of any characters in the show named "Jason" so it may be fairly safe to read the blog without fear of spoilers.  I would recommend you start with the first post and read from there.

Posts for the blog seem to be happening at a rate of about once per month, so it's likely there will only be one or two more posts until the show airs.  I doubt they will keep the blog going while the show is on television, but I guess you never know.


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