Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Action Flick Chick's Take on the Falling Skies Premiere

Apparently Action Flick Chick was able to get a sneak peak at the 2 hour Falling Skies premiere and has quite a lot of good things to say.  It's a spoiler free review so there's no harm in checking it out if you're looking for even more reason to get excited for the show.

One thing in particular to note from the review.  It sounds like the show starts off with a pretty large amount of survivors already working together.   I had figured it the series was going to show very few survivors actually being in one place together.  While I knew Noah Wyle and crew were part of a bigger survivor group, I'm pleastantly surprised to learn that the bigger war looks to be presented as well.


  1. Action Flick Chick Said:

    I've watched about the first 5 or 6 hours of the series so far. All I've posted yet is about the 2-hour premiere (spoiler free). Quality is pretty consistent. If you like the premiere, you should like the rest. Glad you enjoyed the writeup!

  2. Jeremy Said:

    It's good to hear they keep up the quality throughout the season (or at least the first few episodes). I've definitely seen shows where the premiere clearly had all the budget and good ideas and then the rest of the season falls flat. Let's hope Falling Skies keeps up the high quality throughout!

  3. Falling Skies Fansite - Falling Skies Review Round Said:

    [...] previously mentioned Action Chick Flick enjoyed the premiere and ends by saying “the Falling Skies premier was [...]

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